About Us

In a simple phrase – We Grow eCommerce Businesses!

Having tried and tested various local vendors, and identifying the dearth of one that would deliver a sustained and synergized service, the concept of SIAR was born. So far we have delivered successful and exponential growth to every eCommerce business that we have been a part of.

Our founders started their eCommerce journey as a part of the top-management of one of Pakistan’s largest Fashion Retail businesses – Sapphire Retail – and quickly learned the core challenge in growing an eCommerce business is building synergy between the various functions.

Meet the Founders

Zulfiqar Khan
Sibtain Haji
Anique Alia Ansari

We are a group of creative, diverse, and friendly people who genuinely love what we do and the clients we work for. Our team spirit, experience, and knowledge enable us to provide a unique experience and exponential growth to our clients.


Abdus Saboor
-Project Manager-
Abdul Basit
-Development Coordinator-
Shaikh Ovais Uddin
-Sr. Developer-
Jamsheed Charna
-Creative Lead-
Rafia Tehreem
-Customer Success-
Ali Ahmed Ashraf
-Customer Success-
Muhammad Ali
-Graphic Designer-


Nimra Hussain
-Digital Transformation-
Kamal Chimnani


Aqsa Shaheryar
-Customer Services Lead-
Hunain Shahzeem
-Customer Services Lead-
Zeeshan Haider Kazmi
-Customer Services-
Ayesha Noor
-Customer Services-
Aqsa Khan
-Customer Services-


Umair Ahmed
-Fullfilment Lead-
Haider Ali Tariq
Waqar Baig
Asif Nawaz
Khalid Siddiqui

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