Billing Policy

  • The payment schedule will be regulated according to the designed proposal.
  • The payment will be divided into three parts; 50% advance payment, 40% after the completion of the development phase, and 10% will be due to the launch readiness. In case the site is not launched within two months of technical delivery, the client would be responsible for clearing the remaining 10% of dues as well.
  • The remaining payment will be contingent on to surcharge from the due date, if a delay is experienced from the client’s side. Please note that the default surcharge rate is 10%.
  • If the client does not close project within 2 months of technical delivery and user acceptance testing, they are liable for clearing outstanding dues regardless.
  • An invoice will be generated each month in advance, subject to the retainer engagement. This payment will be due within 10 days of the generation of the invoice.
  • To ensure we can dedicate our full attention to your service, we have a no-cancellation policy. This allows us to provide the best possible experience for all our clients

Refund Policy

Being a Merchant Aggregator, SIAR Digital will not process refunds directly. The refund policy of the merchant’s website will be considered applicable. In the absence of such refund policies, SIAR Digital will assist the customer in claiming the refund in case faulty or damaged products are received. The refund needs to be initiated within 2 days after the date of product delivery. and we’ll process your refund within 7-14 days

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